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Gain Exposure – It Advertises your boat to the World

The most obvious benefit to sellers of listing with an MLS (Multiple Listing Service) authorize Agent is exposure. MLS reaches a much larger audience than a single boat broker website, local newspaper, or other advertisement could ever do.

Multiple listing services...

…provide the selling broker more exposure while providing the broker representing the buyer with more options. In return, both the brokers receive a commission on the sale.

With an MLS...

…the information is
consolidated rather than fragmented. A
multiple listing service allows competing
brokers to work together toward a
common goal of helping buyers find
their desired properties and helping
sellers sell their properties.

As a result...

…of the cooperation of the
agents and brokers to create the MLS
databases, prospective homebuyers
gain access to numerous listings while
sellers get connected to buyers through
their broker or agent.

Ciudad Jardín. Palma C/Cardenal Rosell 1

Tel 971 778 759

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