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About Ocean Fidelity

We are sea lovers and passionate of boats. We like them and we know everything about them: manufacturer, sizes, models…

From the amazing Mediterranean island of Mallorca, we would love to assist you to find the boat of your dreams and to sell the one that brought you so many joys.

In Ocean Fidelity we place at your disposal more than 47 commercial consultants in three different offices all around the island.

Our team is deeply aware of every necessity you may have, and we gather a shared experience of over 30 years in the process of selling and buying boats and every additional service that you may need.

What We Do


We know that selling a yacht is not an easy duty: What is the right price for my vessel? How can I sell it quickly? Which legal international aspects should I consider?

The answer to those questions is not easy, we know it because we have been working on them for so many years. Due to all of these reasons and the fact that our job is based on the mutual trust, we would like to ask for yours during a little while.

We would love to celebrate a new success with you.


One of the most important steps on the process of selling is, undoubtedly, to give visibility to your yacht. In Ocean Fidelity we know that wellhandled good advertising is always a warranty of success in visits and the achievement of economic rentability, and that is why we make such a great effort when it comes to launch a new property. Our professional photographer starts by making a wide photographic report as well as offering an optional video/drone.

Afterwards we write an expert and detailed description of the yacht. This professional file is published in our media sharing system, our website, our social media, our newsletter and on
the Premium advertising we manage on the main national and international web portals, besides the ads on the internet.


MLS is short for multiple listing service, and it is a centralized location for boat listings for a particular market.

MLS databases are housed online, providing agents and brokers quick and easy access to listed properties.

The MLS is a database software used by agents.

There is no single MLS — instead, there are many different local, regional, national, and international databases that list boats for sale.

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